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  Cath Lab:
Florida Cath Lab is a freestanding diagnostic facility for cardiac catheterization and peripheral angiography, which opened in May 2002. We have Phillips state of the art, fully digital cineless angiography equipment and Witt hemodynamic monitoring system. In fact, this is the only freestanding state of the art, JACHO certified, fully digital combo lab (capable of doing cardiac catheterization, coronary angiography, carotid angiography and peripheral angiography) in the Central Florida area. The facility is housed in a brand new, Mediterranean style building. It is conveniently located across from Florida Hospital South, in Orlando.
The procedure is done in an outpatient setting and the patients like this immensely since they do not have to go through the hassles of registration, paperwork, pre-op blood draws and the long waits when done at the hospital. Typically, the actual procedure takes 15 minutes or less, with the set up taking about 15 minutes or more. The patients stay at the facility for about five (5) hours as opposed to about ten (10) hours when done at the hospital. The cost of the procedure is significantly less compared to the same procedure done at the hospital.

The patients and their family member's satisfaction are immense. The patient's cubicles are nice and comfortable, where they are continuously monitored before and after the procedure. The family can rest in a comfortable waiting area and once the procedure is done, one family member can sit next to the patient.

The procedures are performed by our well trained and competent cardiologists with years of experience, with the majority of them being Board Certified in Cardiology. Our nursing and technical staff is highly trained and experienced, and provide a personalized service in a very friendly atmosphere.

After the procedure, the cardiologist will discuss the results of the procedure with the patient and family members. If they wish, the family members can view the pictures with the cardiologist. The final report is sent to the referring physicians.

Services Provided:

Cardiac Catheterization and Coronary Angiography
Abdominal Aortogram and Lower Extremity Angiography
Renal Artery Angiography
Carotid Angiography
Peripheral Vascular Interventions: PTA, Stents